Interactions in the simulations I will present over the next series of posts follow the Evolutionary Game Theoretic rule of occurring at equilibrium & where individual variation within each species is not allowed.  This is just another way of saying that when a Hawk fa...

After gathering these statistics, I standardize them using a proprietary method and, subsequently, transform them using a set of equations I wrote.  This results in 47 different ‘indexes’ or combination of the standardized base statistics.  Teams in each tournament are...

In order for Evolutionary Game Theory to work as a tool for understanding the NCAA Tournament, a specific game must be chosen and, subsequently, shown to provide insight into tournament results.

I'll start by saying this: based on my analysis, I don't believe that the NCAA Tournament, or any team sporting event, is what our eyes would lead us to believe.  I believe that games and tournaments are not unique; that given a sport's consistent season an...

The goal of the work, and what we successfully accomplished, was to combine a limited public health dataset (including diagnosis, gender, age, ethnicity, & zip code) with US Census Data to develop a fine resolution, geo-spatially referenced raster showing probable case...

The method involved using the gravity model as described in the FCA 2 Step Method for estimating the probable relationship between a gunshot wound and all of the liquor licenses within the study area.  These gravity estimates were then aggregated by census tract and us...

This project looked at the rates of Diabetic Retinopathy diagnosis by Chicago zip code, specifically if the rates of diabetic retinopathy diagnosis are low in areas where the risk of diabetes is high.

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