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Under Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy

by Jess Behrens

This project looked at the rates of Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) diagnosis by Chicago zip code, specifically if the rates of DR diagnosis are low in areas where the risk of diabetes is high. Using the gravity model (FCA 2 Step) to adjust for the distance of each zip code from the primary location for each of the participating health centers, I was able to show that there is a significantly lower rate of DR diagnosis in zip codes where residents are at a much higher risk of having diabetes. Conversely, there is a much higher rate of DR diagnosis in areas where the risk of having diabetes is significantly lower. The final product of the analysis was the number of DR cases above the expected number (based on national averages) for both total general hospital visits and total DR cases.

These two areas also conform to a strong socio-economic split. with the low Diabetic Retinopathy diagnosis areas also being much more socio-economically challenged, and vice versa for the high DR areas.

I am not able to reproduce the images or tables involved I produced for this project here due to the publication process & rules. However, I have applied for a provisional patent, using different but related data. The Patent Receipt Number is:

62/740,508 Novel Method for Adjusting Disease Case Ratios, or Other Essential Fact Ratios, by Zip Code or other Geographic Unit, using the Gravity Model

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